Is the NutraMilk machine just for making nut milk?

No!  The NutraMilk is a versatile new appliance that can help you create milks, butters, dips, spreads, smoothies, and other delicious treats in just minutes!  Nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains of almost any variety can be used in your creations.

How long does milk made with the NutraMilk stay fresh?

We recommend storing your fresh nut and seed milks in a sealed container in the refrigerator.  These alternative milks will remain fresh this way for about 5-6 days.

Is the NutraMilk easy to clean?

Yes!  All parts of the NutraMilk except for the base containing its motor are dishwasher safe (top rack recommended), but can also be cleaned by hand in warm, soapy water.  Clean the base of your NutraMilk with a soft damp cloth and mild soap.  Harsh abrasives and chemicals are not recommended for cleaning your NutraMilk.

Do I need to soak the nuts or seeds I want to use in my NutraMilk?

No! The NutraMilk uses only raw or roasted nuts and water to make nut butters and nut milks in under 12 minutes. It's so simple - no more soaking nuts overnight!

Can I make soy milk with my NutraMilk?

No. Soy milk requires heating. The NutraMilk does not heat the ingredients, so the nut milk is ready to drink as soon as you make it.

What kinds of milks can I make with the NutraMilk?

The NutraMilk makes milk and butter from virtually any type of nut, seed, grain, or legume!  See our Recipes section for ideas! There's 200 recipes in the book that comes with your new Nutramilk machine

What is the ratio of nuts to water used with the NutraMilk?

Two cups of nuts to two litres (or 8 cups) of water, so the ratio is 25% nuts to water.
Each cup of nuts yields approximately 4 cups of milk.

What temperature water should I use?

We recommend using room temperature water with your NutraMilk.  Using hot water can potentially damage your appliance.

Is the temperature regulated in the NutraMilk?

The NutraMilk does not regulate temperature, and the mixing container is not designed to be placed into the refrigerator. Once the milk is dispensed into a separate container, that container should be placed into a refrigerator.

Does the NutraMilk achieve a pasteurized end product?

The process of pasteurization requires sustained heating and rapid cooling. Since the NutraMilk does not regulate temperature, it does not pasteurize the milk produced.

How smooth is milk made with the NutraMilk?

Prior to making nut milk, the nuts are made into a nut butter. When water is added, the milk is filtered through 100 Mesh stainless filters, so the resulting milk is very smooth!

I can make nut milk with my blender already. Why would I use a NutraMilk instead?

Making nut milk in a traditional blender requires nuts to be soaked for several hours or overnight. Once the soaked nuts have been blended, the pulp is still in the milk. The resulting mixture must be strained through a cheesecloth (or something similar) which is a messy and time-consuming process.  The NutraMilk takes the mess, time, and hassle out of the process!